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[PC] Rescue Team 2 [32MB] Mediafire

Rescue Team 2 mf-pcgame.org
Rescue Team 2 [Mediafire PC game]
When disaster strikes, the Rescue Team sweeps in to save the day! Take control of workers who respond when a devastating tornado leaves its mark on three all-new islands in this exhilarating time management adventure. Overcome earthquakes, rebuild hospitals and drill for oil to keep your vehicles running. Use strategy to figure out the quickest way to complete your goals, and then race against the clock to remove debris, repair bridges, put out fires, restore communications and save victims. Between levels, spend the money you earn on rebuilding your house. Easy to play and challenging to master, Rescue Team 2 proves you can't have too much of a good thing!

[PC] Tunes Jungle Adventure [56MB] Mediafire | HyGame4u

[PC] Mystery Stories Mountains of Madness v1.0.45-TE [115MB] Mediafire

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[Xbox360] Need for Speed The Run PAL -COMPLEX [8,39GB] Mediafire

[PC] Need for Speed The Run Fullrip Eng Blackbox [4,8GB] Mediafire

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[PC] Jurassic Park The Game-FLT [2,6GB] Mediafire

Jurassic Park The Game-FLT

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Janes Advanced Strike Fighters-SKIDROW

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[PC] Sonic Generations-FLT [7,5GB] Mediafire

Sonic Generations-FLT

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[PC] Red Crow Mysteries Legion v1.0.0-TE [250MB] Mediafire

[PC] Red Crow Mysteries Legion v1.0.0-TE [250MB] Mediafire | HyGame4u
Description :

You have been chosen to defend all of mankind in Red Crow Mysteries: Legion! Stand up to a terrible evil and save humanity! Your extraordinary gift is also your biggest curse. The ability to see things others cannot is an unbelievable challenge and responsibility that you must now embrace in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Can you past the test and prove you are the one who will defend mankind when judgment day comes?

[PC] Grotesque Tactics 2 Dungeons and Donuts-FLT [1,7GB] Mediafire

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[PC] Mystery Murders 2 Jack the Ripper v1.0.0.168-TE [400MB] Mediafire

[PC] Mystery Murders 2 Jack the Ripper v1.0.0.168-TE [400MB] Mediafire | HyGame4u
Description :
Track down one of the world’s most legendary serial killers in Mystery Murders: Jack the Ripper, an incredible Hidden Object game! Help world-renowned clairvoyant Emma de Ville and Inspector Fred Abberline of London’s famous Scotland Yard as they pursue the notorious murderer. Piece together clues, solve intriguing puzzles and use forensic crime scene investigation methods to hunt the killer down!

[PC] Governor of Poker 2-CRACKED [100MB] Mediafire

[PC] Governor of Poker 2-CRACKED [100MB] Mediafire | HyGame4u
Description :
The fun part of Governor of Poker 2 is that you earn your money by winning poker tournaments. When the game begins you enter your name and choose your gender. Then you'll be placed in a small town where you can roam freely, traveling from house to house. You can click on a house to view it's price and other information. Every time you buy a house your reputation meter will rise. The reputation meter is located in the bottom right corner of the screen. Once you buy all of the houses within a town you can move to the next town and try to conquer it in the same fashion. The exclamation marks scattered around the town represent

[PC] HdO Adventure Profiler The Hopscotch Killer Extended Edition v2.050-TE [84MB] Mediafire

[PC] HdO Adventure Profiler The Hopscotch Killer Extended Edition v2.050-TE  | HyGame4u
Description :

Miss Black will soon be replacing Deckard, a police officer who is retiring. He will still be here a few days, to show her the ropes. And they won’t be resting: several cases are waiting for them. Obviously, it is more about murders than accidents or suicides… The murderer seems to be following a precise pattern… Miss Black and Deckard will have to investigate to discover who the serial killer is and prevent him from killing someone else. Help them investigating and observe carefully the crime scenes time is against you. 

[PC] Game Stock Car-SKIDROW [1,9GB] Mediafire

Halo 3 [Xbox360 Game] 6,7GB - Mediafire

[PS3] Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition [14,8GB] Mediafire Megaupload

[PS3] Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 [11,8GB] Mediafire

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