[PC] Janes Advanced Strike Fighters-SKIDROW [940MB] Mediafire

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Janes Advanced Strike Fighters-SKIDROW

[PC] Janes Advanced Strike Fighters-SKIDROW [940MB] Mediafire | HyGame4u
Genre: Flight Simulation
Publisher: Maximum Family Games
Developer: Trickstar Games
Release Date: 04.11.2011
Language: EN

Description: J.A.S.F. Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters is an intense modern flight action sim featuring an epic 16-mission story gaming experience that aims to take air combat to the next level with engaging enemies, flight battles, expansive battlefields and 30 authentic licensed fighters.Advanced Strike Fighters is set in the fictional country of Azbaristan; the once-great nation has been torn apart by a decade of civil war, followed by almost a decade of uneasy peace. The ten year war resulted in huge territorial gains for Northern People’s Republic Azbaristan and their controlling political party, the Northern People’s Party, giving them control of the country except for the oil-rich province that is all that’s left of South Azbaristan.

The Southern Azbaristan Democratic Front of Soyth Azbaristan has only managed to hold off the North with the aid of the West, which supplies military and logistical aid to the tiny state in return for the oil exports from their vast reserves. Players will have the chance to assume the role of squadron leader Razor and lead the fight to reunify Azbaristan and protect the West’s vital interests.

  • Azbaristan, a country about to explode: Advanced Strike Fighters thrusts players into the pilot’s seat as an American squadron leader caught in the middle of a long overdue war to reunify the once proud country of Azbaristan. Take part in the Azbarian civil war across 16 thrilling missions.
  • Cunning enemies from the North: Take on the massive assault of aerial, ground, and naval forces with only seconds to decide your fate of victory or defeat.
  • Combat over land, air, and sea: Over 65,000 square KM of contiguous terrain, including cities, industrial centers, mountainous regions and deserts.
  • Diverse array of Advanced Fighters to fly: The player has access to over 30 flyable jets from the US, Europe, Russia and China. The game also features the very best of the nest generation in fighters such as the F-22A Raptor, F-35 Lightning II, Russia’s Su-35 Super Flanker and the 5th Generation PAK-FA.
  • Intense, expansive multiplayer: 16-player multiplayer combat to continue the action and theatre of war online. Also included is full campaign co-op play that accommodates 2-4 players.
System Requirements
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Video Memory: 128 MB
  • Sound card: DirectX Compatible
  • Hard disc: 1,5 GB
  • Other: Keyboard and Mouse
Install Notes:
  1. Unpack the release
  2. Mount or burn image
  3. Install
  4. Copy everything from the SKIDROW folder to the game installation
  5. Play the game
  6. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!

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Janes Advanced Strike Fighters-SKIDROW
Janes Advanced Strike Fighters-SKIDROW
Total Size: 941 MB ( 5 Parts)
Password= hygame4u.com

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fikricadbury said...

its wrong password laaa -.-"

Mr Male said...

Password mediafire: hygame4u.com

allforyou said...

please reupload again part 5 .. sir

files is broken ..thanks :D

welly said...

please reupload again part 3...
file is corrupt...


AmiedsAimy said...

if corrupted...pls try repair using RAR....and use the FIXED file to change the corrupted file...
The repair is at TOOL/repair archives...
have good try.....^^

SpringFinder said...

this work perfectly thanks uploader.
For who have trouble you must need to know the steps...
1.the password is " hygame4u.com " small letters close your cap off.
2.u need demon tool to mount this, download it http://www.daemon-tools.cc/eng/downloads )
3.after finishing the download u need a software like 7zip or win rar in this case i prefer win rar
4.there is a pretty puzzle here he he i headache 2 hours lol finally i got it lols
5. u need to rename the files name in order to extract

our first download name is

HyGame4u.com_sr-jasf.iso.part1_2.rar yep the problem is we need to change the left four file like this


after doing that u can extract them easily ^ ^

then mount it install it and enjoy it.
if u have trouble anything just ask me i like to help.

Kent said...

We already did 1 - 4 install note but the game request for serial number what do i do

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Akki said...

after copying files from skidrow to installation folder, when i start game it show a error....
What to do......?????

Sourav Roy said...

Plz upload a serial number for this game

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