[PC] Unepic v1.0.16 multi3 cracked READ NFO-THETA [48MB] Mediafire

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[PC] Unepic v1.0.16 multi3 cracked READ NFO-THETA [48MB] Mediafire | HyGame4u
Release Date: 31-10-2011
Game Type : RPG, Action

Description :
Unepic is a Metroidvania-style platformer RPG, designed to resemble 80’s and 90’s games but with better lighting effects, sound, and visuals. It includes randomly-generated weapons, light- and movement-based stealth, and RPG-style skills and inventory management. In Unepic, you play Daniel, a gamer with some bad habits and a jaded attitude toward games, women, and life in general. During an RPG session with his friends, he retreats to the restroom – and finds himself in a medieval castle. And things just get progressively stranger from there.
Unepic treats its own genre with a tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, going so far as to break the fourth wall and address the player. It pokes fun at adventure games, MMOs, and tabletop RPGs. It even has a twist ending, turning an anticipated fight scene into something deeper.

Features : 
  • swords: They are used specially to attack monsters that can bleed, as they cause cuttings. However they are much less effective against monsters that don’t bleed or things made of iron or wood, like barrels or armors.
  • daggers: Lethal against all bleeding monsters if attacked from behind, as the damage and the critic change is multiplied. Moreover your attack is much faster, as daggers are the lightest weapons you can find.
  • maces: They are meant to smash. Specally effective against skeletons, rotten barrels y and protected monsters.
  • axes: Axes are a mixture of swords and maces, as they cause cuts to bleeding monsters, and their hits are good enought over solid objects. Their main drawback is their low speed.
  • polearm: Their biggest advantage is that they have longer scope that the rest of melee weapons. They are specially useful against monsters that is better to keep far.
  • bow: Obviously are used to attack from far distances, though they are less effective against non-bleeding monsters.
  • wands: Wands shoot all types of magic bolts. Their effects are very destructive and they have fast attack, but they have limited charges.
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Total Size:  48.1 MB
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no es compleot el juego es la demo

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