[PS3] Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition [14,8GB] Mediafire Megaupload

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[PS3] Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition [14,8GB] Mediafire Megaupload | HyGame4u

Release Date........... Mar 9, 2010
Published by........... Capcom
Developed by........... Capcom
Genre.................. Action Adventure
Language................ English
Experience the thrill and terror of the infamous Resident Evil franchise like never before with the Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition. Featuring Chris Redfield of the original Resident Evil and new partner Sheva Alomar, a West African agent of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), this sci-fi action/survival game is packed with hordes of fast-moving, quick-thinking enemies that represent a whole new breed of unimaginable undead evil. The Gold Edition features every exciting play option found in the initial releases of the game, including two-player co-op, powerful new weapons and real-time inventory management between players, but also includes all RE5 console version download content released to date. This includes new episodes and costumes, an improved Mercenaries Mode, and online versus mode.

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Total Size: 14,84GB (76 parts)
Password= hygame4u.com

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Go Ahead said...

of this magnitude is going to work ???

don't make me sick okay, cause I already take 20 parts currently.

luisfinal3 said...

The Part 18 is working? please i already download 50 pars but the part18 is not downloading, the link is working but when i try to download it never starts T.T

Resident Evil said...

Thanks for the Gold edition of RS 5.
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Asif Jalil said...

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